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What’s the Difference in Zeolite Brands?

Boy I get frustrated sometimes with the Zeolite Powder vs. Liquid Zeolite debate.  

Both zeolite powder and liquid zeolite have their place. It depends on what you are looking for. 

Zeolite powder has some pretty fantastic  benefits, don’t get me wrong. If you have diarrhea the the zeolite powder is very effective. Esdifan ( click here to view) is the one you should take. Another reason to buy powdered zeolite is if you want to clean nitrates out of the intestines, say for example because you eat a lot of processed meats and take out. Esdifan is also good for that. 

Powdered zeolite, as long as it is micronized like Zeolite Pure (click here) , does get through the bowel wall into the blood stream. If it isn’t micronized though, it doesn’t. That is why they have a different product for diarrhea because the Esdifan particles are larger. 

The problem with these kinds of toxic compounds, like heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, is that they grab on to nerve endings and receptors, bury themselves in brain tissue, masquerade as hormones and block crucial communication pathways in muscle and nerve tissue. You must have something that can get into the blood stream and go after them. Micronized powdered zeolite does that.

The second problem with  some zeolite is that it hasn’t been emptied, or cleaned, of the toxins that are already in there. You see, zeolite is mined, and doesn’t it make sense that it it grabs onto toxins and heavy metals like a magnet in your body, then it must do that in nature too? The bond between zeolite and a molecule like mercury or cadmium is extremely strong. This is good when it is in your body. The last thing you want is for zeolite to release the mercury somewhere else. You want the zeolite to hang on to those toxins until they can transport them out of the body.

Unclean zeolite doesn’t work as well, because it is already pretty full of toxins. Some people buy powdered zeolite that hasn’t been properly processed, b and they may be fooled into thinking it is safe. 

Liquid zeolite is simply zeolite particles that have been suspended in water or another liquid.

One brand of liquid zeolite says it has 24mg per does of zeolite. You will want to choose your liquids carefully! 

If you want more REAL information about zeolite, you can get the ebook, for free, that I wrote called "The Liquid Zeolite Book". It has good information… information that took me years to research and learn. Hopefully it will shorten your learning curve and provide what you need to make a decision for your health.

You can get The Liquid Zeolite Book at http://theliquidzeolitebook.com



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